PC-3000 MOBILE:从移动设备恢复数据的独特的一体化解决方案

How many tools & software do you currently need to recover data from smartphones and other types of mobile devices?

Those who deal with mobile phone recovery know that they lack an all-embracing tool which can cover all stages of getting data from these devices.

If a smartphone is not locked, works properly and is accessible through the standard interface, you can use the available commercial and free software products to get data from it.
But how often do you deal with such cases in practice?
In real life, a mobile device is often damaged, locked or totally non-functional.That’s why today data recovery engineers have to spend a lot of money on various specific purpose-built adapters and programmers if they want to recover different mobile devices. But what they get are uncoordinated solutions which are very limited in their functionality.
Until now the market hasn’t offered any single solution with the capability to:

  • unify the whole range of hardware methods to access data both on healthy devices and on damaged / locked devices;
  • analyze and recover data from various file systems within its own efficient platform;
  • possess broad analytical functionality;
  • recover data from the widest range of smartphones and other mobile devices for digital forensics and other purposes.

ACE Lab’s brilliant minds have developed the world’s only universal solution to deal with all these tasks in one tool!

PC-3000 MOBILE hardware platform is based on three main methods of getting access to data from mobile devices:
PC-3000 MOBILE硬件平台基于从移动设备获取数据的三种主要方法:

  1. 1.Ability to operate via the standard interface of a mobile device belonging to any mobile platform. The controller of PС-3000 MOBILE has 3 built-in USB 3.0 ports featuring independent power control and error control. At the moment Android OS devices are supported by PC-3000 MOBILE through a special driver (x86, x64) created by ACE Lab. If a smartphone in not physically damaged, a common cable connection through standard phone interface allows to get access to user data on a smartphone. Right now ACE Lab developers are conducting research on supporting Windows 10, Windows Mobile and Apple iOS – based devices.
    能力经由移动设备的标准接口来操作属 于任何移动平台。PС-3000 MOBILE的控制器具有3个内置USB 3.0端口,具有独立的电源控制和错误控制。目前,通过由ACE实验室创建的特殊驱动程序(x86,x64),PC-3000 MOBILE支持Android OS设备。如果智能手机没有物理损坏,通过标准电话接口的普通电缆连接允许访问智能手机上的用户数据。现在,ACE实验室开发人员正在研究支持 Windows 10,Windows Mobile和Apple iOS设备。
  2. 2.For partially damaged devices: ability to operate via the factory contacts of a mobile device’s PCB using the JTAG/eMMC/FBUS/UART protocols as individual or combined access methods.
    对于部分损坏的设备:使用JTAG / eMMC / FBUS / UART协议作为单独或组合的访问方法,可以通过移动设备PCB的工厂联系人进行操作。
  3. 3.Widely functional chip-off method for physically damaged mobile devices, when it is impossible to get access to data content through the standard interface or JTAG. This method includes the following features:

    • Direct reading mode for eMMC/eMCP chips implemented through 2 internal independent SD/MMC COMBO ports supporting the SD 3.0/MMC4.41 protocols (up to 150 Mb/s). A specialized kernel and proprietary design of the SD/MMC interface allow to reach high data transfer rates for “healthy” chips and ensure reading in a factory mode for damaged ones;
      通过支持SD 3.0 / MMC4.41协议(高达150 Mb / s)的2个内部独立SD / MMC COMBO端口实现eMMC / eMCP芯片的直读模式。SD / MMC接口的专用内核和专有设计可以实现“健康”芯片的高数据传输速率,并确保以工厂模式读取损坏的芯片;
    • Ability to operate via the NAND interface using the factory contacts of eMMC/eMCP chips, if the chips are unable to function through the standard interface or respond too slowly;
      能够通过NAND接口使用eMMC / eMCP芯片的工厂联系人操作,如果芯片无法通过标准接口运行或响应过慢;
    • Wide support of the eMMC 153/169, eMCP 162/186, eMCP 221, and eMCP 529 chips manufactured in 9х11, 10х11, 11.5х13, 12х16, 12х18 or 14х18 packages. To support such a broad range of form factors, PC-3000 MOBILE kit includes 2 universal adapters with a set of inserts.
      广泛的支持eMMC 153/169,eMCP 162/186,eMCP 221和eMCP 529芯片,采用9х11,10х11,11.5х13,12х16,12х18或14х18封装制造。为了支持这种广泛的外形尺寸,PC-3000 MOBILE套件包括2个通用适配器和一组插件。

PC-3000 MOBILE is based on the results of R&D work carried out at ACE Lab for many years and already proven as highly efficient for data recovery from damaged solid-state drives. These technologies include the ReadRetry reading modes, software and hardware retry procedures, voltage selection methods, and factory modes for accessing the data.
PC-3000 MOBILE是基于ACE实验室进行的研发工作多年的成果,已被证明是高效的数据恢复从损坏的固态硬盘。这些技术包括用于访问数据的ReadRetry读取模式,软件和硬件重试过程,电压选择方法和工厂模式。

Besides, PC-3000 MOBILE has the extension ports for device-specific functionality and connection of add-on modules where voltage for all ports is supplied through an internal controllable power supply unit.
此外,PC-3000 MOBILE具有用于特定于设备的功能的扩展端口和附加模块的连接,其中所有端口的电压通过内部可控电源单元提供。

When developing PC-3000 MOBILE, ACE Lab pays serious attention to the software part of the new system. After saving data dump content, it is possible to do:
在开发PC-3000 MOBILE时,ACE实验室非常重视新系统的软件部分。保存数据转储内容后,可以执行以下操作:

  • Deep analysis of file systems that supports a large list of file system types (FAT12/16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3/4, HFS+, exFAT, etc.) and ensures good results even in case of logical damage. In addition, PC-3000 MOBILE features its own methods of logical access to data at different stages of work (e.g., ADB Volumes) with the possibility to save results in forensic formats (AFF, E01, S01, RAW)
    深入分析支 持大量文件系统类型(FAT12 / 16/32,NTFS,Ext2 / 3/4,HFS +,exFAT等)的文件系统,并确保即使在出现逻辑损坏的情况下也能获得良好的效果。此外,PC-3000 MOBILE具有自己的不同工作阶段对数据进行逻辑访问的方法(例如,ADB卷),可以将结果保存在法医格式(AFF,E01,S01,RAW)
  • Parsing of standard content. User data can be extracted for presentation in the format which is familiar to any smartphone user and displayed in special viewing modes. PC-3000 MOBILE has a lot of modules for different content types (contacts, text messages, WhatsApp, Web, Wi-Fi, etc.) as well as a set of analytic features and forensic tools.
    解析标准内容。可以以任何智能手机用户熟悉的格式提取用户数据,并以特殊观看模式显示。PC-3000 MOBILE具有不同内容类型(联系人,短信,WhatsApp,Web,Wi-Fi等)的许多模块以及一组分析功能和取证工具。
  • Result export and output. PC-3000 MOBILE allows to export the extracted data as formatted reports, transport formats or directly to a file.
    结果出口和产出。PC-3000 MOBILE允许将所提取的数据作为格式化的报告,传输格式或直接导出到文件。

PC-3000 MOBILE supports Windows XP – Windows 10 (x86/x64) operating systems and allows both loading external dumps and exporting its own.
PC-3000 MOBILE支持Windows XP – Windows 10(x86 / x64)操作系统,并允许加载外部转储并自行导出。

The new all-embracing system “PC-3000 MOBILE” was demonstrated in Moscow, the Russian Federation, on the 26th of May, 2017.
2017年5月26日,俄罗斯联邦莫斯科展示了新的全能系统“PC-3000 MOBILE”。



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