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PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器

One of the often problems on Seagate F3 architecture drives is a Translator problem.
通常我们会自动重新生成编译器(通过Translator regenerationRecovery translator程序)。
Usually we try to regenerate Translator automatically (by Translator regeneration and Recovery translator procedures).
基本上可以成功解决问题并获得整个用户扇区的访问,但有时候实用程序无法正确隐藏NRG列表的缺陷,因此我们可以访问用户区域(从LBA0到中间的某个扇区) 。
Basically case can be solved successfully and get an access to whole user area, but sometimes utility can’t hide a defects in to NRG-list properly as result we have a particualar access to the user area (from LBA0 till someone in the middle).

PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器 1

In this article we would like to describe how to hide defects manually, regenerate a translator and get an access to whole user area.

Provided steps are difficult and require attention and сoncentration.

To make it more clear we describe all steps on the real case.
It’s Sentosa family ST1000LM010 drive, but provided steps can be applied for all Seagate F3 architecture drives.

首先做一个翻译器(28 sys文件),SMP标志(93 sys文件),P-list(1B sys文件)和非驻留G列表(35 sys文件)的备份。
First of all make a backup of Translator (28 sys file), SMP flags (93 sys file), P-list (1B sys file) and Non-resident G-list (35 sys file).

It’s very important and allow to return back original state of drive if you try to perform steps without good result and now you need technical support department help.

PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器 2

Check that system Heads (0 and 1) have a writing possibility. Open 181 (for Head0) and 182 (for Head1) sys files, type something text, write and try to re-read these sys files.

Then switch off all SMP flags ticks in 93 sys file except the top one and write this changes into the drive:

PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器 3

自动编译器再生程序后,我们可以访问第一个约450,000 000 LBA(所有其他扇区显示错误,无法打开)。
After automatically Translator regenearation procedure we get an access to first approx. 450 000 000 LBAs (all other sectors show an error and can’t be opened).

PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器 4

We need to find last available sector (which we can read) and the last unavailable sector (which show “UNC” error).
Then need to understand if it’s it a real defect or just a bad block.
Sector with the Bad block has an unique ID, but defect doesn’t have it. As result these sectors have a different error code in terminal report.
Final number of defects depends on drive, so be a patient.

PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3 arch. 人工恢复编译器 5

Our case has 2 defect records and finally we got an access to the whole user area.

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